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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to Cure a Snake Bite?

Friends snakes for the first time, you know, take a critical point in the area! 550 snake varieties in India is my country! Is like a cobra, viper's, karit's! There are 550 species of snakes such variety! Which of these is hardly poisonous snake is just 10 to 10! The rest is non poisonous! This means 540 snakes whose bite you that nothing will happen! Do not worry at all!
But the snake biting so (hi bitten by the snake) and that sometimes a man dies of heart attack! Dies of cardiac arrest is not killed by poison! So much fear in the mind! So they need to get scared!
How do we fear it????
550 This way you will know that snakes are poisonous snakes just 10 of them! Whose bite someone dies! Which of these is most poisonous snake is his name!
russell VIPER! Which is then followed by karit viper and a cobra! who do you say cobra king cobra!! These are 4 of these very dangerous and poisonous bites then 99% chances that someone will be death!
But if you show a little gumption, you can save the patient intelligently look what is??
You may have noticed the snake bites his teeth while also giving the toxins inside the body mass to sneak in! He leaves his poison in the blood! These toxins are then upwards! Then suppose bitten by the snake venom on hand side of the heart in the body will thereafter! Then bitten on the leg just above the heart in the body and then touch up! Until then the heart will reap anywhere! Log in whole blood in the body 3 hours to get him in!
3 hours does not mean that the patient will die! When a portion of the brain will reach everywhere but the poison would not otherwise why would his death! Time of 3 hours and then save the patient in three hours if you take some doing that's so great!
What can you do?? ???
In an old house injection (injection) and then take it forward where the needle (needle) has been cut from there! Needle (needle) which is fitted in the plastic portion cut Plastik!! As soon as you bite portion Plastik needle to the back of a competent injection pipe then it will be like! Atomizer exactly what children are like in days of holly!
After you mark the patient's body to find out where he is bitten by a snake! 'll Find exactly where the snake bites because there is some swelling and mild blood which is equipped with two marks you will get! Now that the injection (needle with which you have cut part) is to mark them in two before putting him on a mark to pull! You'll injection mark on the mark as she will stick vacuum crate If it will be! And if you Kinchege blood injection that will fill in! Just like all children syringe filled with water! If you keep injecting drag! And you will see that the first time there will be blood or dark blackish color of the light is then mixed poison in it, take it!
So unless they're dark and blackish color you Kinchiye blood out! All that will come out then! Because the snake bite venom in it is around 0.5 mg is not much more than that because in his teeth can not be! Then 0.5, then 0.6 mg taken two to three times in drag, you will come out! And as soon as he comes out you will see some changes in the patient having a consciousness (consciousness) will come! Snake bites man ever gets unconsciousness or semi consciousness becomes conscious is to pull out the poison! regained consciousness then she will not die! So for this you first aid (first aid) can help!
Please cut from the same injection you please just cut between 50% to 50% over here! Which will further increase the size of the holes and blood in it will fill quickly! so that you the patient first aid (first aid) can do that for! 
Second, a medicine in your home, you can always come in homeopathy is very affordable! His name is NAJA (NAJA)! In any homeopathy medicine homeopathy shop you will get! And its potency is 200! Do you go to the shop Give NAJA 200! The shopkeeper will give you! Add 5 ml of this home you will be saved the lives of 100 men Lijiaga keep buying! And its price is only five bucks! The bottle comes with 100 ml of 70 to 80 rupees you can help save the lives of at least 10,000 people are bitten by a snake!
And this is what NAJA medicine, which has the world's most dangerous poison of snakes is called Crack! The snake's poison is considered the worst in the world! If it says about God can save it if someone cut! medicine does not work there is in the same delusion form the poison, but not to worry! The principle of Ayurveda is the iron cuts iron so you know what goes on inside the other snake venom toxins do work!
So they hire NAJA 200 in the house, now they have to learn how to treat the patient! 1 drop 1 drop on his tongue kept and maintained after 10 minutes and then 10 minutes later put 1 drop!! Please put up to 3 times! Enough is enough!
And Rajiv brother in video explains that these drugs will save the patient's life forever! And snake bites in Elopethi which is injection Astptalon in general do not get it! The doctor will ask you to take in the Astpatal take it, etc etc!
And for those who have this injection Elopethi its price is 10 to 15 thousand rupees! And if found, then gives the doctor slapped together from 8 -10 injection! Sometimes that means patting 15 million - Deadline million once in your clean!! And here you are just 10 rupees medicine can save his life!
And Rajiv brother in the video points out that this drug is effective as injection (NAJA)'ll ensure the injection of the drug Elopethi 100 times (times) is more effective!
Anyone remember the house snakes bite you in the end and if the drug (NAJA) is not at home! Injection from anywhere with instant first aid (first aid) solution for injection to begin with! And if the drug is to give a quick drink before drug treatment and injection therefrom are too! drug injection is more important than the treatment!! 

If you have this information handy will always be remembered not know when you life it might come in handy!
Or a neighbor or a relative's work in the life to come! Cutting needle injection method for the first aid and medicine NAJA 200 hoeopathy! 10-10 minutes 1-1 drop three times to save the patient's life!!