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Thursday, June 14, 2012

I am proud to be an Indian

I am proud to be an Indian because of Indian culture,traditions, Indian history which we cannot find in any other country.more over in INDIA there is equality, democracy, socialism etc.

INDIA has the largest constitution in the world which was written by Dr.B.R.AMBEDKAR. INDIA has many great people like MAHATMA GANDHI,CHACHA NEHRU, SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE, ALLURI SEETA RAMA RAJU, JHANSIRANI LAKSMI BAI etc.who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

Why We Are Proud To Be Indians, Yes Below Is The Explanation From My End ...

1. India is only country in the world having all multi things like multi religion, multi language e.t.c , wake up early 5:00 AM in the morning and go to upstairs, you hear all the religious songs at one time ... :)

2. India is the only country where every citizen has all the rights ... right to speak, right to media, right to vote, right to question e.t.c now the problem is with citizens who doesn't know how to raise voice.

3. Whole world has many leaders ... but India is the only country where the leaders with peace are winners (Gandhi, Anna) ... U name any country u will not have peace winners, only blood wins costing 1000000 lives.

4. Over 60% farmers with 11% growth u cant have any where in the world ... what does this mean it takes 10mins for the govt to own your land and develop... but Indian rules are set for the people.

5. India might be high in corruption but figured 220 at inflation ... how does this help ... it help u buying goods with reasonable rates.

6. Right to vote .. why I am taking as a new point cause it does matter a lot ... I can choose my leader of my wish ... we do mistake in choosing leader based on caste, love and relation but the fact is that u r given option which many countries doesn't have.

There are man which I can explain but wanted to say others things ...

What Indians Need To Learn:

1. Why are good technically, but does any one of know what GDP, Inflation, Growth, Democracy e.t.c means ... I would suggest every Indian to learn basics of economics before speaking on country.

2. We all should know what Rights we have and should educate how we can use it ... Problem is that i know we have all rights but i too don't how we can use them in real life.

3. Politics : This is important ... how can we change ... keep one hand on your heart and say top 10 best politicians in India .. do you know them ... we just vote with out knowing ... change the view vote by learning.

4. Environment : Have every thought of it .... think about it ... how we can change.

5. Corruption ... Personally i give least preference to this cause u change your thoughts corruption will reduce automatically .. Corruption is not problem of India it is problem of Indians (People).

6. 99% of people say I Love India with no reason or I hate India with nonsense reason ... First learn basic of Economics, History of world, Greatness of India. You say u hate India ... You are lucky enough to say I Hate ... if it happens in other country you are shoot ... Its True.

INDIA has many historical places like TAJ MAHAL, CHARMINAR, QUTUBMINAR, GOLKONDA FORT, MANY TEMPLES. INDIA has one Million Proud soldiers who are protecting India day and night.

I am very proud to say that I am proud 2b Indian. (Hats off)



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