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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Do You Miss Your Childhood?

I think it's time go back now to the past when we were child ..

So, share what you miss about your childhood I know you miss a lot of things but there is important things you miss and you wish if you can do it now or live it again
for me ..

I miss my friends and cartoons.
When I left school I lost touch with all of my friends. We never thought it did happen but it did.
I recently got back in touch with my best friend from school and we really hit it off. We get along just as good as we did back then, which is amazing as we have both changed a heck of a lot.

Playing outside with my childhood friend. We'd pretend we were living in a jungle so we'd take our shoes off and run around barefoot until we got blisters on our feet.

I also miss coming home straight from school to watch Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon.

As for cartoons, I really miss the old school stuff. I used to run home from school to watch cartoons and I'd often be late for school because of watching them in the morning.

The cartoons the kids have these days are nothing compared to what I had.