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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life Could Be Happier With These Eight Simple Tips

1.  Be Simple and Humble
It is simplicity that makes life happier and more interesting. The fact that this world is too complex does not mean that people have to go with the present life trends. Being simple does not mean depriving oneself from the important things around but it means that you have to try to make your life simple so that you can enjoy the simple things in life. You have to look around and appreciate the small things that could make life happy. Don’t fly too high because if you fall down it could hurt you real bad.

2.   Have Time To Smile And Laugh
The best antidote to a hectic and stressful life is a smile and a good laugh. Make sure that you have time to smile and better still laugh aloud with your family and friends. If you smile and laugh, people will join you but if you cry, you cry alone. Who wants to be alone?
3.  Learn To Appreciate The Simple Things In Life
Appreciation is one of the best factors that make life more interesting. If you are keen enough to see the simple things around you and appreciate them, you could make life happier for yourself. If you have been very busy working and you are too tired to appreciate things around you, now is the time to change and keep yourself aware of the simple things that could make your life happier. If you see children playing, perhaps you could stop awhile and watch them while they play. You can see how they enjoy life by just simply running around, shouting and laughing.
Ask yourself, when was the last time you laughed. Laughing is the best medicine in this chaotic world of ours. Laughing eases the heart from any burden and it lessens stress. Laughing makes you healthier.
4.  Don’t Look At Life Too Seriously
Perhaps everybody wants to have a comfortable life and enjoy what life could offer but don’t look at life too seriously. Learn to relax. Have you ever seen how the poor people enjoy life? They have no money to buy what they want in life yet they laugh like they have everything and they enjoy life like there is no tomorrow. I am not saying that people have to enjoy life and enjoy being poor. I am merely pointing how life must be enjoyed. If you just set a short time to pause and look at life’s perspective then you can realize that life could be fun without making it hard for yourself. Just be simple and enjoy what you can afford.
5.  Make Friends
They say that friends are wealth and that is true. Without friends, what would life be like? Just think about being alone. It is not what people want to be. But look at life with friends around, isn’t it more enjoyable having friends to cheer you up when you are down and help you when things go wrong?

6.  Accept The Realities In Life
Let’s face it, life always has its ups and downs and you have to accept this reality. You cannot be always successful in everything you do. There will always be some problems as you move on with life and you have to learn to accept these realities. Learn to accept them and learn to handle them.
7.  Give Away Something
Even if you don’t have much money, you can always give away something to people. It feels good to be the giver instead of the receiver. If you have some things you don’t like, why don’t you give them to an institution for others to use? You can also give food to a beggar on the streets. It is not bad to give away something from time to time. Share and you will feel better.

8.  Be Positive +
Positive people are often people who enjoy life. Always think of positive results instead of the negative. Positive thinkers are happier people because they always look at the brighter side of things rather than the bad side. If you want to really enjoy life, always think positive.
Enjoying life is as simple as 1 2 3, only if you are a person who wants to enjoy life. You are the only person who could make your life happier and enjoy life. If you just try to look at how simple life is, there could be no problems and you will surely enjoy what life could offer.