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Thursday, February 2, 2017

How To Get The Best Fitness Body and Abs Fast: Check Out The Splendid Exercise Methods Animation Images

Physical Exercise is a must for a healthy (Fat) body. Everyone wants a Six/Eight pack abdomen, but very few of them try to get it by regular physical exercise. Everything is possible if you make up your mind towards it. But you need a complete guidance to perform physical exercises in regular basis. So, I have provided top useful physical exercise methods here with clear animation images. You can perform any of these exercises to get a fit body. Regular exercise of at least 1 hours everyday is enough for anyone to have a nice body shape. So, here are the exercise methods:

Standard Push-ups

Plyo Push-Ups

Rotation Push-ups
Air Bike Crunches
Abdominal Crunch

Full Sit Up
Hanging Hip Raise
Incline Hip Raise

Alternating Toe Touch

Ball Transfer Crunch

Belly Blaster

Bench Reverse Crunch

Bicycle Kicks

Decline Reverse Crunch

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Survival of a Long Distance Marriage

love marriage - sonima love abinash

Once you get married, you rarely think about living away from your spouse. But, at times work and other circumstances may put some geographical distance between you and your beloved. Adjusting to a long-distance marriage is not an easy task for any couple. So, for all those couples out there, here are a few simple tips to make your marriage strong regardless of the distance.


It does not matter for how many hours you talk over the phone or have a video chat, but it is important to talk every day. Share your days work with each other. Express your feelings, since this is your only way of sharing some intimacy with your better half. If you are unable to call him then make sure that you leave him a small text message, so that you two stay in touch somehow.

Love Letter:

Yes, we know it seems old-fashioned, especially in the age where technology reaches faster. But, only when you try this out, you will understand the true magic of a beautifully written love letter. Think about all the things you are not able to say to out loud; your love letter will express it all. These handwritten letters and notes will become your keepsake for the whole life.


Well, if you are not that good with words, then occasionally send some gifts to your partner. Think about the expressions when he/she sees a bunch flowers at the doorstep or when he/she receives a dress that you have bought for an important occasion. They will not only appreciate your gestures, but will also reciprocate them with love. So, next time you go shopping for yourself, do buy a gift for him/her as well.


For a long-distance relationship, technology is definitely a God-given boon. So, use these real-time communication mediums to your advantage. Take time out to create a date setting while you are video chatting with your partner or play favorite songs when you are talking on the phone. While you are talking, you can also plan all those things that you would do when you two come together. This will give you something to look forward to.


If you can make this happen then it will work wonders for your marriage. Just imagine the precious expressions when he/she sees you standing in front of him/her. They would jump at the opportunity of taking you in their arms. So, make a plan to visit, once in a while. But, yes do make sure that they do not have any travelling plans during those days, as that will just dampen your surprise visit.


Whatever time you get together, make the most of it. You can also fix your plan beforehand. Make a list of all the things you want to do together. But, above everything else just sit down and talk your heart out! Never pick up old fights or arguments, because this will make your ‘little’ time together bitter and awkward. The best idea would be to have a romantic date on the last day of the visit. This will leave you both with some beautiful memories to think about when you go back.


Once you get married, you have lot of expectations. You dream of being with each other, all the time. But sooner you face the reality, the easier it gets. Your man is out there to earn and provide support for his family. Living away from home is not easy for him as well. So, try to understand his situation. So, give your marriage some breathing space.


In a long-distance marriage, it is quite natural to have certain fears about your relationship. If you have any insecurity or any doubt building up in your mind then talk about it with your partner. Pent-up feelings will only make the matters worse. So, keep an open channel of communication between yourself.

A long-distance relationship survives on Trust, Love and Communication. 

An Odia Hindu Wedding or Bahaghara

odisha marriage

Odia wedding or Bahaghara is a ceremony performed by Odias. In the Odia marriage rituals mother of the bridegroom does not take part in the ceremony. The brahmins have their weddings only in the daytime while the other caste weddings are done during the evening or night. There is the custom of sending betel nuts to family friends for inviting them to the marriage. The first invitation is sent to Jagannath as a respect to the lord. Marriages in Odisha are mostly fixed and arranged by the parents. The marriage happens in three major rituals, Nirbandha (fixing the marriage), Bahaghara (wedding) and Chauthi (consummation). These rituals are performed mostly at the bride's house.

Once the marriage alliance is fixed, the ceremony starts up with Nirbandha, the engagement ceremony. The fathers of the bride and groom make a vow to get their children wed to each other and the whole ritual happens either in the bride's house or a temple in the presence of the bridegroom and bride. This is considered as a commitment signal to proceed with marriage arrangements, which is accompanied with exchange of gifts between both families for bride and bridegroom.

Jwain anukula ceremony marks the initiation of marriage rituals which happens in the bridegroom's house. This is followed by the distribution of Nimantrana patra (invitation cards). Deva Nimantrana invitation marks the public announcement of the marriage function. As per Odia custom, the first card is sent to the family divinity. Usually the first card is placed before Lord Jagannath. Moula Nimantrana, the second invitation goes to the bride and groom's maternal uncle. This has to go with some family member in person along with betel nuts. Uncle or "Mamu" is one of the most respectable persons in events like marriages. Invitations can now be distributed among friends and relatives. Jwain Nimantrana for son-in-law of the family, who is the most respectable invitee in marriages. In Odia customs and probably many other Indian customs, the "Jwain Nimantrana" ritual has an important significance. There is a strong religious reason for the same: As per Hindu Mythology, when "Dakshya Prajapati" arranged for a great “Yajna”, he intentionally didn't invite his son-in-law "Lord Shiva". Wanting to visit her parents, relatives and childhood friends, Sati sought to rationalize this omission. She reasoned within herself that her parents had neglected to make a formal invitation to them only because within family, such formality was unnecessary; certainly, she needed no invitation to visit her own mother and would go anyway. So, despite dissuasion from Shiva. Sati wanted to go. So finally Shiva let her go with his ganas. However, upon reaching there within no time Sati realized this mean intention of his father to offend Shiva. Sati was very upset by thinking herself as the cause of this dishonour to her husband. She was consumed by rage against her father and loathing for his mentality. Unable to bear this disrespect to her husband, Sati invoked her yogic powers and immolated herself. Shiva sensed this catastrophe, and his rage was incomparable. He loved Sati more than anything. He devastated the "Yajna" and supposedly slapped "Dakshya Prajapati" that Dakshya was be-headed by Shiva's stroke. Dakshya's head fell in the Yajna Agni. (later upon God's request, shiva gave re-birth to Dakshya by replacing a goat head). Shiva was then with rage into Tandava. Learning a lesson from this, the significance of "Jwain Nimantrana" came into effect, so that no one else should ever think of insulting the son-in-law of a family in ceremonies.

During 'mangana' people bless the bride and then apply turmeric paste on her body followed by the bride's ceremonial bath where turmeric paste is put on her body by seven un-widowed women. Jairagada anukula is a ceremony, which marks the stoking of the fire. Dian manguḷa puja is conducted at the gramadebati's temple. Wife of a barber offers the bride's bangles, toe ring, sindura and sari to the Goddess. Prayers are offered to the deity of a temple. The blessings of the Gods invoked for a long and happy married life.

The groom along with his marriage procession arrives at the wedding venue. This is known as Barajatri. It is the ceremonial procession when the groom and his family members and friends arrive at the wedding mandap amid great pomp and magnificence. Upon arrival of the baraat the groom is greeted with aarti or tilak of which rice is an essential component. The bride is decorated with fine traditional jewelry. In the Baadua Pani Gadhua custom, the girl's side informs the bride that the baraat has come. Thereafter, arrangements are made for her holy bath. The bride is informed of the groom's arrival and then she takes another ceremonial bath called Baadua Pani Gadhua.

The wedding ritual begins with the Kanyadana ceremony which is held on the bibaha bedi. This is the traditional ritual of handing over the daughter to the groom. The customary fire is lit and the priests chant the mantras. Seven heaps of rice grain symbolizing the seven hills and the saptakulaparwata are worshipped during the saptapadi rite. In this custom, the bride's father gives his dear daughter's hand to the groom with the promise that going forward bridegroom will take care of her. This ritual onwards the bride considers herself as member of her husband's family instead. That's why bride is called "duhita", meaning who is grown up in two families to do good for them at respective phase i.e. before marriage bride considers her parental family as her home and is considered auspicious to them. Similarly after marriage the bride is loyal to her husband's family and is treated auspicious as the daughter-in-law of her new family. In fact after kanyadaan the bride steps out of her parental home to spend the rest of her life in her husband's family. Hence, her husband's family has much more significance to an Odia bride compared to her parental home where she lived her initial years of life only. Until recently, before the concept of divorce came into Indian society, it was considered that only death may separate a bride from her in-laws home which is in fact her true own home after marriage.

During hata ganṭhi, a garland made of mango leaves which is considered as a holy symbol is bound by keeping the bride's hand along with bride groom's hand. The bride’s sister is only allowed to open up the ganthi and in return gets some gift from the groom. 'Khai' or puffed rice, a symbol of prosperity is offered to the fire which is called "khaipoda" (burning khai) considering the bride as an avatar of Laxmi who brings wealth and prosperity to the new home. 'Khai' is tossed onto the path of the new wed while they enter the home, the new bride tilts a vessel filled with rice with her right feet making the rice spills over the ground to make a way to her new home.

The bride's brother stands behind the couple while the couple faces each other. The bride placed her hands on the grooms and her brother puts the puffed rice into them. Together they offer this Khai as sacrifice to the God of fire amidst the chanting of mantras. Kaudi khela is a custom of playing a white colored shining shell by the newlywed couple after the marriage ceremony. Kaudi is believed to be bringing wealth, harmony and prosperity to the family. The bridegroom first holds a Kaudi in his fist and the bride tries to break the fist and get it by two of her hands. In the next round the bride make a tight fist with both of her hands with the Kaudi inside and the bridegroom tries to open her hand with only one hand. Rounds of such games go on, the sisters and other younger members of the bride's family carry this custom.

Bahuna is a tradition of mourning with rhythmic songs which includes the story of how the bride's mother has taken pains of giving birth to her, nortured her with care and finally her departure from her own home to make a new house. Elderly women of the house (grandma, father's sisters, mother's sisters) also join mourning with the bride's mother. These songs are called Bahuna gita composed by anonymous poets and been used as a literary tradition for years.
The newly wed couple arrives at the new home where the groom's family gives her a ceremonial welcome called Gruhaprabesa. The bride, along with her husband enters her new home i.e. her in-laws place, where the groom's family gives them a warm welcome. On fourth day after marriage bride and bride groom meet each other. This day is called 'Chauṭhi' (means the fourth day) and the night is called "Basara rati" or "Chauṭhi rati". During the day, puja and homa are practiced which includes burning a coconut to make it roasted inside. A room along with bed is decorated with bright fragrant flowers like "Rajanigandha" (Polianthes tuberosa). This is the night of consummation. The bride glows a basara dipa alongside the bed as a symbol of long lasting glowing relationship. The couples offered to eat the roasted coconut from the homa during the night. There is also a tradition of the bride carrying a glass of kesara dudha (saffron milk) to the bridegroom. This ritual is also commonly known as Suhag Raat in Indian tradition. This is especially important because, marriage is in fact not considered complete or valid until consummation.

The bride and the bridegroom are invited to the bride's house on the eighth day after the wedding known as Asta mangaḷa. Traditional Oriya cuisine is prepared and served for the newly married couple. Sankha (conch shell) is blown along with a specific sound called hulu-huli by placing the tongue on the roof of the mouth with repeated opening and closing of mouth.

Wedding Video (Baraat) :-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Love Letter to My Love


I wanted to the tell you about my feelings in person but then I thought I would write them in a message, baby, I have been in love with your for the past few week. It is only now that I can't bear to keep my feelings to myself. But, today I felt like telling you everything, to lighten my heart.

You have wowed me from the very beginning.
I did not tell you of my feelings because I feared losing you as friend. One has to be really lucky to have a friend like you.

I want to let you know that I am so in love with you and that I promise you that I will do my best in making you feel so in love and so secure with me even though currently there are hundreds of miles between us...

I don't know what you think of me, but the thing that I want to convey is that you are very special for me. According to me you are the simplest and most beautiful girl of this world. Megan Fox is no match. The stars loose their shine when I think about your smile.

I Love You so much.!! This is the first time I have been in love and I am glad that fell in love with such a wonderful girl.

There is so much more to say and yet I can say no more. All I can I hope that God has taken mercy on me and destined the best girl in the world in my life.

You know?? If you will say yes I will be the luckiest person of this world. And even if you say no I'll never ask any question and will get myself deleted from your life and memories…
Waiting for your answer.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to Cure a Snake Bite?

Friends snakes for the first time, you know, take a critical point in the area! 550 snake varieties in India is my country! Is like a cobra, viper's, karit's! There are 550 species of snakes such variety! Which of these is hardly poisonous snake is just 10 to 10! The rest is non poisonous! This means 540 snakes whose bite you that nothing will happen! Do not worry at all!
But the snake biting so (hi bitten by the snake) and that sometimes a man dies of heart attack! Dies of cardiac arrest is not killed by poison! So much fear in the mind! So they need to get scared!
How do we fear it????
550 This way you will know that snakes are poisonous snakes just 10 of them! Whose bite someone dies! Which of these is most poisonous snake is his name!
russell VIPER! Which is then followed by karit viper and a cobra! who do you say cobra king cobra!! These are 4 of these very dangerous and poisonous bites then 99% chances that someone will be death!
But if you show a little gumption, you can save the patient intelligently look what is??
You may have noticed the snake bites his teeth while also giving the toxins inside the body mass to sneak in! He leaves his poison in the blood! These toxins are then upwards! Then suppose bitten by the snake venom on hand side of the heart in the body will thereafter! Then bitten on the leg just above the heart in the body and then touch up! Until then the heart will reap anywhere! Log in whole blood in the body 3 hours to get him in!
3 hours does not mean that the patient will die! When a portion of the brain will reach everywhere but the poison would not otherwise why would his death! Time of 3 hours and then save the patient in three hours if you take some doing that's so great!
What can you do?? ???
In an old house injection (injection) and then take it forward where the needle (needle) has been cut from there! Needle (needle) which is fitted in the plastic portion cut Plastik!! As soon as you bite portion Plastik needle to the back of a competent injection pipe then it will be like! Atomizer exactly what children are like in days of holly!
After you mark the patient's body to find out where he is bitten by a snake! 'll Find exactly where the snake bites because there is some swelling and mild blood which is equipped with two marks you will get! Now that the injection (needle with which you have cut part) is to mark them in two before putting him on a mark to pull! You'll injection mark on the mark as she will stick vacuum crate If it will be! And if you Kinchege blood injection that will fill in! Just like all children syringe filled with water! If you keep injecting drag! And you will see that the first time there will be blood or dark blackish color of the light is then mixed poison in it, take it!
So unless they're dark and blackish color you Kinchiye blood out! All that will come out then! Because the snake bite venom in it is around 0.5 mg is not much more than that because in his teeth can not be! Then 0.5, then 0.6 mg taken two to three times in drag, you will come out! And as soon as he comes out you will see some changes in the patient having a consciousness (consciousness) will come! Snake bites man ever gets unconsciousness or semi consciousness becomes conscious is to pull out the poison! regained consciousness then she will not die! So for this you first aid (first aid) can help!
Please cut from the same injection you please just cut between 50% to 50% over here! Which will further increase the size of the holes and blood in it will fill quickly! so that you the patient first aid (first aid) can do that for! 
Second, a medicine in your home, you can always come in homeopathy is very affordable! His name is NAJA (NAJA)! In any homeopathy medicine homeopathy shop you will get! And its potency is 200! Do you go to the shop Give NAJA 200! The shopkeeper will give you! Add 5 ml of this home you will be saved the lives of 100 men Lijiaga keep buying! And its price is only five bucks! The bottle comes with 100 ml of 70 to 80 rupees you can help save the lives of at least 10,000 people are bitten by a snake!
And this is what NAJA medicine, which has the world's most dangerous poison of snakes is called Crack! The snake's poison is considered the worst in the world! If it says about God can save it if someone cut! medicine does not work there is in the same delusion form the poison, but not to worry! The principle of Ayurveda is the iron cuts iron so you know what goes on inside the other snake venom toxins do work!
So they hire NAJA 200 in the house, now they have to learn how to treat the patient! 1 drop 1 drop on his tongue kept and maintained after 10 minutes and then 10 minutes later put 1 drop!! Please put up to 3 times! Enough is enough!
And Rajiv brother in video explains that these drugs will save the patient's life forever! And snake bites in Elopethi which is injection Astptalon in general do not get it! The doctor will ask you to take in the Astpatal take it, etc etc!
And for those who have this injection Elopethi its price is 10 to 15 thousand rupees! And if found, then gives the doctor slapped together from 8 -10 injection! Sometimes that means patting 15 million - Deadline million once in your clean!! And here you are just 10 rupees medicine can save his life!
And Rajiv brother in the video points out that this drug is effective as injection (NAJA)'ll ensure the injection of the drug Elopethi 100 times (times) is more effective!
Anyone remember the house snakes bite you in the end and if the drug (NAJA) is not at home! Injection from anywhere with instant first aid (first aid) solution for injection to begin with! And if the drug is to give a quick drink before drug treatment and injection therefrom are too! drug injection is more important than the treatment!! 

If you have this information handy will always be remembered not know when you life it might come in handy!
Or a neighbor or a relative's work in the life to come! Cutting needle injection method for the first aid and medicine NAJA 200 hoeopathy! 10-10 minutes 1-1 drop three times to save the patient's life!!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Top SEO Client Questions and Answers

SEO Strategy

What is SEO? 
The process of making a site and its content highly relevant for both search engines and searchers to increase ROI or meet goals. SEO includes technical tasks to make it easier for search engine spiders to index the content on a website or social media networking community.

Why aren't we #1 or on page 1 at Google?
Any SEO company that promises you the #1 spot on search engines is trying to sell you something. There are no guarantees as far as search engines are concerned but if you haven't done SEO yet, have no real website content, and have a site that contains mostly Flash, AJAX and Javascript, you will have a difficult time showing up in any search engines. SEO is a long term strategy – not a keyword density game.

When will we see results? 
Some websites are indexed in a few hours and some take a few months. This time span depends on the search engine’s processes, your content and age of website as well as your level of competition.

Can we rank for everything (huge list of keywords)? 
Sure you can but this is not the most effect way of being ranked. Customers who want an Apple computer but come to your website that sells mattresses is not only going to leave but will most likely not return even when they are ready to purchase a mattress. It is all about the long tail approach and relevancy. You have one chance to make a first impression with your customers.

How much does SEO cost? 
This really depends the goals of that you or your company have in place. Every good SEO company will work with you to assess your goals and give you a project cost and timeline agreement based on an hourly rate as SEO is an ongoing process. Some SEO companies have created packages with a set of deliverables to help the decision making process.

How long does it take to get indexed by Google? 
Each search engines indexes different sites at different times. It could take minutes or weeks depending on your site. Without SEO, it may never be indexed.

Do I need meta tags for SEO? 
Yes, although some meta tags are no longer being used for search engine placement and indexing, the information is usually display and will increase the chances of someone clicking a link to your website. Other meta tag information gives data to the search engines to help decide if your site is safe and when they should return to index again.

Why should I outsource my SEO? 
SEO is a full time process. Unless you have at least one experienced full time SEO in-house it is strongly advised to seek assistance from a SEO company or consultant.

How can Social Media be used for SEO?
Social media presents opportunities to acquire backlinks to your site’s pages, articles, press releases, etc. Social media is a popular and ever-growing aspect of the Web. Engaging in social media works well to generate good publicity for your site while helping SEO initiatives as well.

What is Google Analytics?
Google Analytics help you analyze visitor behavior in regards to your site. Analytics tools can tell you how many visitors you had each day, what pages they crawled, how long they were on each page, etc. Google Analytics is an invaluable tool in helping to augment your site’s ability to attract browsers.

How long does it normally take to see SEO Results?
Many sites usually engage in an SEO program for at least six months in order to achieve good results, yet ‘desired results’ will vary with each client. Patience is one of the best aids to an SEO campaign. It may be best to understand that SEO tactics are ‘working’ all the time to achieve your desired results; and, once your SEO results are achieved, they are long lasting.

What’s the difference between organic SEO and Paid results?
When a browser conducts a search, they will be confronted by both organic results and paid results (those which are highlighted and usually placed on the very top or right-hand side of the page). It is the quest of every business to achieve first-page, organic-SEO results because they are long lasting and organic results are more respected by browsers.

What is keyword density and how does it help?
Keyword density refers to the ratio of particular keywords in your copy as compared to the rest of the copy. Having good keyword density improves the likelihood that both search engines and Web browsers will associate your site’s content with your chosen keywords.

How can Social Media be used for SEO?
Social media presents opportunities to acquire backlinks to your site’s pages, articles, press releases, etc. Social media is a popular and ever-growing aspect of the Web. Engaging in social media works well to generate good publicity for your site while helping SEO initiatives as well.

Why does my company need Reputation Management?
Having an online business means you are open all the time. Competition can be fierce in many industries. Reputation management helps your business build and maintain a ‘good’ name within your industry and with customers.

What is a Landing Page?
A landing page puts your customers close to the final sale. A good landing page offers intriguing copy an opportunity for your visitors to make a purchase or desired conversion depending on the desired end result of your site’s existence.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Kumar Purnima Festival of Orissa

Kumar Purnima is the festival celebrated on the full moon day during Ashwina month in Orissa. Kumar Purnima 2012 date is October 29th. On this day.

Kumar is the handsome son of Shiva. He is also the God of war. Kumar Purnima is the full-moon day in the month of October-November. In Orissa mostly girls celebrate this festival to get a handsome husband. The girls keep fasting for the whole day. They worship the Sun god after taking bath in the morning. In the evening they wear new garments and perform the puja near a "Chahunra & Puja Bhoga". After the puja they take the bhoga and throw that in the pond or the river. Then they search for snails, oyster shells or bamboo twigs. They bring whatever they get and then throw it to the roof of the house singing the songs. means “make my brother strong, make my brother a golden stick”.

The girls then come back home and eat “Satwika food”. Usually a special cake “Tala Gaja - Poda Pitha” is prepared in the houses and the girls eat that. Then they go to rejoice the full moon night with songs and dance. They also play a kind of game known as ‘Puchi’.   :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Real Life Love Stories.... Must Read !!

Simran Kaur (24) a vivacious and a happy go lucky girl from Chandigarh is the only child of her parents. Big eyes, fine lips, long hair, slim body structure, 5’5’’ tall and super fair complexion, a typical “Sikhni”  Simran looks so gorgeous, a beauty to die for! She is not only beautiful from outside but also is a wonderful person at heart, always ready to help others whether friends or strangers.

Simran loves making friends and meeting and interacting with new people through almost all the social sites but ‘Facebook’ is her favorite. Person with a zest for life is fond of travelling and exploring new places. Both of her parents are leading Doctors of the city and she is the lifeline of her parents.

After completing her graduation from Chandigarh Simran moved to New Delhi to pursue M.B.A.  from a B grade B School of Delhi.  It was her final semester running, full of anxiety, hardwork, fear and nervousness. It was another hectic day. After attending five continuous lectures, Simran was tired like hell! Enters her room, changes her uniform and gets freshen up. Dressed in a loose white adidas t-shirt and pink shorts, lying on her bed with headphones in her ears and laptop in her hands, Simran was relaxing herself. She was surfing internet with multiple tabs open, Facebook, Twitter, G-mail, Yahoo, LinkedIn etc. Since a typical Facebook fan, she was first checking her notifications on Facebook. Along with six notifications and two messages there was a ‘Friend Request’ too. She clicked it- A profile picture of a tall, fair and handsome guy with black Aviators, yellow Nike t-shirt and blue denims along with a guitar in his hands, “Rohan Mehra, 3 Mutual Friends, Studied at Delhi University, Works at TCS  Limited, Lives in New Delhi” and she accepted the request. Within five minutes a ping from ‘Rohan Mehra’ flashed on her screen, “hi!” she replied back and a typical conversation started off, “how are you” , “wassup!” , “what do you do” , “where do you put up” and so on. It was a casual 20 minutes conversation.

Final exams were approaching and as usual a season of sleepless nights has begun. Simran was good at academics. She had HR stream with her as she had a keen interest in studying HR. Since her parents were very supportive, they neither restricted her from taking up anything else nor forced her to do something else. It was mid night and the common room of the hostel was full of students sitting with laptops and books. Simran was one of them. It has been almost four hours since she was studying continuously. To take a break she opened her Facebook profile. There were five friends online out of her 445 friends and one of them was Rohan Mehra.

 Rohan- “Hi, awake so late???”

Simran- “Hey! Yup! Exams in d end of this mnth! Was studyin .. thot of takin a break! J u tell wassup ?”

Rohan- “Nm..lyin on bed..it was a tyring day at work..im nt satisfied wid d work.. lukin fr a bettr job..lets c..im searchin..anyways u tell..hw r u duin??”
And again a friendly, yet casual conversation started.  Hobbies, likes, dislikes, favorite movie, song and so on. During this conversation they became more frank and got to know about each other more better. The conversation lasted for some two hours. Both shared some common interests. They were fond of dance, music, watching movies and travelling. Simran loved Chinese food whereas Rohan loved Italian. Rohan was much of a creative person and loved to paint but never thought of taking it as a profession because of family pressures. Days passed and their conversation became more and more open and frank.

Rohan-  “r u single??”

Simran- “yeahh wat abt u??”

Rohan-“ no..bt hw cm such a bful lady does not hav a bf!”

Simram-“waitin fr dat ryt guy!! lol!!”

Rohan- “btw uv got so bful eyes… J”

Simran- “thanx.. J”

Rohan- “wat r u wearing now?”

Simran- “black color shorts with green t-shirt..”

Rohan- “u must b lookin amazing  ;-)”

Simran was enjoying this phase of her life. Daily late night chats were followed by exchange of contact numbers. The written conversations were converted into verbal ones.

Rohan- “Hey hi..what are you doing?”

Simran- “Studies..!! What else!! You tell?”

Rohan- “Lets meet today..what say?”

Simran- “ok..what time and where?

Rohan- “hmm. Café Coffee Day, CP, 5 p.m?

Simran- “ok done make it 6 have to attend lectures till 5.”

Rohan- “all right see you then.”

Simran got so excited. It was her first Dating with Rohan. She spent all most 2 hours in front of her cupboard deciding what to wear! Finally after trying so many dresses she decided to wear a classy purple color knee length dress she bought from Pantaloons last week end.

Simran reached the venue fifteen minutes late. Rohan was already waiting for her with a bouquet of carnations. Simran got flattered. They hugged each other. Simran was overwhelmed with Rohan’s romantic gesture.

Rohan –“you look gorgeous!”

Simran blushed- “thank you”

The meeting was full of excitement and nervousness. They kept looking at each other and blushed. To make Simran comfortable and to start further conversation Rohan orders two cold coffees and some snacks. After sometime both became comfortable with each other and shared a good round of conversation. They went for a nice romantic walk. While walking Rohan held Simran’s hand.

Simran got goose bumps all over. She smiled and blushed. Simran held back his hand tight and they walked together towards Simran’s hostel which was just thirty minutes walk from CP. Before leaving, Rohan asked for a kiss from Simran, Simran could not resist and they kissed each other. It was a sweet kiss. Since it was Simran’s first kiss she got little conscious and went. She did not sleep that night and was thinking about Rohan and their meeting throughout the night.

Days passed and the season of anxiety and nervousness called “Placements” was there all over in Simran’s college. Since it was the final semester, many companies were visiting to recruit students. Simran was exited with her first interview in Wipro. Dressed in pink Tommy Hilfigher shirt and black trousers she looked extremely professional. With best wishes from her parents, friends and teachers she entered the interview room. The interview was conducted for some twenty minutes. With a smile on her face she walks out of the room. The results were yet to be announced and Simran was confident.

Next morning the results were out on the notice board. And Simran was only one of the selected candidates due to recession. Simran got surrounded by her friends and peers and flooded with felicitations. She shared her achievement with her parents and Rohan as well. It was one of the best days of her life. There was one more reason for Simran’s happiness as her best friend Nidhi too got placed, but in different company, Infosys. It was a day worth celebrating.  She called Rohan and gave him a Big Treat at Taj. She was so excited whole evening.

Finally it was the last day of the college and time to bid adieu. The college was full of crying and cheerful faces. With a mixture of emotions on everybody’s face and promise to stay in touch on their lips the friends, peers, classmates, batch mates departed. Agonized Simran carrying the ecstasy for starting a new phase of her life, too moved on.

Simran’s  Shatabdi train to Chandigarh was at 8:30 in evening. It was 11 o’ clock in her clock. She was waiting for Rohan as they had decided to spend the day together. She deposited her baggage in cloak room at the railway station. Simran and Rohan had come so much close to each other in such a short span of time. They shared everything with each other from joys to sorrows, supported each other in all highs and lows of life.

They got a chance to spend quality time with each other. They went for movie followed by lunch. After they were done, Rohan took the advantage of the moment and proposed to Simran.

Simran’s eyes were filled with spark and love. A tear rolled down from her right eye. She was so pleased and just hugged Rohan as tightly as she could. What a day it was for Simran, full of emotions and drama. Finally it was the time for Simran to move. Simran collected her baggage and boarded the train. Rohan was sitting next to Simran. Both of them had tears in their eyes. Rohan held Simran’s hand. As soon as he held her hand Simran burst into tears. Rohan hugged her and kissed her forehead and tried to make her calm. The train started to move; Rohan left the train. He waved at Simran until she went out of his sight.

Within four hours Simran reached Chandigarh. Her parents were waiting to see the apple of their eyes. As soon as the train stopped Simran jumped out and hugged her parents desperately. Simran had only 20 days with her to stay at home as after 20 days she had to report to the company for joining. The time slipped like sand. It seemed 20 days just flew away in a blink of an eye. Simran was all set with her new set of professional wardrobe which consisted of brands like Tommy Hilfigher, UCB, D&G etc. She was all excited and at the same time nervous too. Standing in front of the mirror with black color Gucci shades on her eyes and giving different poses, her parents entered her room. They hugged her. They were upset as once again their child was moving away from their eyes. “Beta, you are going to start a complete different life all together, that too alone, please take proper care of yourself” and her mother burst into tears.

Simran’s parents also accompanied her to Pune. They bought a flat and a car for her so that she does not face much problem with accommodation and commutation at a new place. A month passed, In spite of heavy Global recession in Software Industry, Simran was performing extra ordinarily well at her job. She had maintained her lifestyle in such a way that she gave ample time to Rohan on phone.

It was 16 August, Simran’s birthday. Simran was flooded with calls and text messages to wish her on such an auspicious day of her life. She turned 24 this year. Simran was fond of surprises. As soon as she entered her work place, her colleagues wished her and had arranged a small surprise party for her. Simran had a good time celebrating with her colleagues. After work she reached her place around 6 o’ clock in the evening. Sitting in a blue Nike skirt teamed up with a black Reebok spaghetti top Simran was relaxing and was surfing TV channels. She seemed uneasy and angry. She had not received any call or text from Rohan yet. Suddenly her doorbell rang. As she opened the door she saw Rohan standing with a huge bouquet of red roses, a bottle of champagne and a gift in his hands along with some luggage. Simran was stunned! “What a pleasant surprise!” and she jumped in his arms. She was on cloud 9!

They hugged and kissed each other. Rohan gave her one more surprise, “honey, I have decided to relocate from Delhi to Pune and have brought my luggage too, I want to stay close to you and search a new job here in Pune itself. I was not getting expected returns too, from my previous job”. “I understand baby, I am so happy that you came here to me, give me some time and I will also try to get a new and a better job for you.” , saying this Simran kissed Rohan’s forehead. They decided to order food from outside and celebrate at home only. They ordered a large size pizza and pasta from Pizza Hut. They enjoyed a lot over the dinner.

Simran started looking at the gifts with enthusiasm that Rohan had brought for her. Red roses were Simran’s favorite. She opened the gift pack. It was a short off shoulder black color one piece. Simran got thrilled. Rohan asked her to wear it. She went inside the Bedroom to change she did not noticed Rohan was standing just behind. As soon as she turn out, she saw the roses were spread all over the bed with dim lights on and Rohan was sitting with two glasses of champagne. Rohan gave her a frisky look “you look damn gorgeous”. Simran blushed, “cheers!”  and they both started having the champagne. It was an extremely romantic moment for both them. Rohan started kissing her hands, face and her back, laying her down on bed, he held her tight from her waist. Rohan’s touch made Simran go weak in her knees. They got aroused and so much intimate that they ended making love to each other.

It was two months since Rohan was sitting idle and searching for job. Rohan was out of money. He started taking money from Simran. Whenever he wanted money, Simran used to deposit it in his bank account. Simran was always there to help him. Finally Simran decided to take help of Nidhi, her best friend from college who got placed as HR manager in Infosys. Nidhi helped her with arranging interview for Rohan and providing a good job profile for him in Infosys and thus Rohan got his dream job. He got so excited with his new job. Simran was so happy and relieved to see Rohan employed.

Couple of months passed, Rohan got so much indulged in his work that he stopped paying much attention towards Simran and started ignoring her. Simran tried various times to talk to him and discuss if anything is bothering him at work, but Rohan kept ignoring her and ended up fighting with her, in fact sometimes abused her both physically and verbally. Simran had no idea about the reason behind this sudden and drastic change in Rohan’s behavior towards her.

One day after coming back from work Simran noticed something unusual in her house. She rushed inside the bedroom and saw Rohan’s empty cupboard. Rohan had left a note that he is calling off the relationship. Simran was taken aback. It was not less than a trauma for her. She had a breakdown. Suddenly all those promise, that love, that care turned fake. She immediately called Rohan but he disconnected the call. She was not able to sleep for nights and kept calling him every day but every time she called him, he used to disconnect her call. She was completely shattered and collapsed. It was Nidhi who was there with Simran to console and take care of her in such a brutal phase of her life. Simran was going out of control; she had started boozing and smoking. She could not concentrate on her work. Her performance graph was going down day by day. Nidhi tried to make her understand so many times but Simran did not listen.

Like another day, Simran reached home after work and was sitting and thinking about Rohan. Suddenly she thought of taking out Rohan’s phone call statement, she had the password to his account and took out the summary of calls. There was a number which was dialed repeatedly every day. Simran thought of calling on that number. She dialed the number, to her surprise it was Rohan’s voice on the other side. She was shocked. She confirmed whether it is him or not. Rohan too recognized her voice and got frustrated, “how dare you call on this number! This is my girlfriend’s number and don’t you dare call again! Just get lost from my life!” he abused her and disconnected the call. Simran’s eyes were flooded with tears. It was becoming difficult for Simran to survive there alone. Her past was haunting her miserably. She decided to quit her job and go back to Chandigarh.

Simran sat idle at home for a month. Her parents also could not see her condition. They used to take her out for shopping and dinner to cheer her up every other day, but Simran was not able to cope up with the situation. One morning Simran was sitting in her room deeply thinking about something, her mother entered the room and sat beside her. “Mom I want to do something for poor and needy children and women. I want to open a NGO so that I can provide them with all the basic needs and amenities and give them a new family and a new life all together”, her mother held her hand and kissed her “that is so nice of you to think this way. I am very pleased with your courageous decision. I am always with you.” Her father was also very happy with his daughter’s generous step.

Simran named her NGO “Aas” meaning ‘Hope’. She started working for her NGO with full dedication. She got herself indulged so much that she was able to overcome her past. Her parents supported her at every step in every possible manner they could. Within a span of two years, her NGO got well established and did outstandingly well. She got new faces in her life. Each and every person in her NGO whether the children or women or the staff became like a family to her. During this course of time she realized it is never the end of anything. Life moves on. There are people in this world in much more worse conditions and still fighting for life. She considered herself fortunate and blessed that she was helping such people.

One day Simran was sitting in her office and was going through the accounts of her NGO. Her mobile phone rang “Nidhi calling…” Simran picked the phone in excitement “Hey Nidhi, how are you?”, Nidhi replied back in anger, “Listen I have got something to tell you, our company is facing trouble due to recession and I have been assigned with the responsibility to fire few staff and I am going to kick Rohan out of the company!”. Simran was shocked “No Nidhi you will not do anything like that please for God’s sake!”. Nidhi was stunned “why the hell are you talking like this? You forgot what he did to you?”, “No Nidhi, I did not forget anything. See whatever happens, happens for the good. Earlier I used regret for everything happened, but not now. I took everything as a part of life. Had it did not happen, I would have not come back home and would have never realized that there are people who are in even more miserable condition and situation and still lead their life with a smile on their face. Leave everything on God; he will give Rohan whatever he deserves and you just leave this matter”. Nidhi understood what Simran said and accorded with her.

Simran still had some feelings for Rohan which she could never kill. She always hoped the best for Rohan. Whatever happened, Simran took it as a lesson of life and moved forward. Her NGO is running successfully and she is happy with her life. She is getting marriage proposals from so many highly educated families, just waiting for the right proposal to click. Let us wish the best for her future and hope she gets what she deserves in life because sometimes what we deserve is much more than what we desire.

edIt is said that the criss-cross lines in our hands hold our destiny, but the sad part is that though they are in our hands, we ourselves do not have any hold on our destiny.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sad But A True Love Story

boy- hey, hun
girl- hey
boy- I missed u at school 2day, y weren't u there?
girl- yeah, i had to go to the doctor.
boy- oh rele? y?
girl- oh nothin, annual shots, thats all.
boy- oh
girl- so wht did we do in math 2day?
boy- u didnt miss ne thing that great.......just lots of notes
girl- ok good
boy- yeah
girl- hey i have a question......
boy- ok, ask away
girl-........how much do u love me?
boy- u kno i love u more than anything
girl- yeah.....
boy- y did u ask?
girl-................>silence <..........
boy- is something wrong?
girl- no nothing at all
boy- good.
girl- ..............how much do u care about me?
boy- i would give u the world in a heartbeat if i could.
girl- u would?
boy- yeah.........of course i would >sounding worried < is there something wrong??
girl- no, everythings fine......
boy- are u sure?
girl- yeah.
boy- ok.......i hope so.
girl- ..............would u die for me?
boy- i would take a bullet for u anyday, hun
girl- rele?
boy- anyday. now seriously, is there something wrong???
girl- no im fine, ur fine, we're fine, everyones fine.
boy- ............ok
girl-......................well i have to go ill c u 2morrow at school.
boy- alright, bye. I LOVE YOU.
girl- yeah, i love u 2, bye.


boy- hey, have u seen my g/f 2day?
friend- no
boy- oh.
friend- she wasnt here yesterday either.
boy- i know, she was acting all wierd on the phone last nite.
friend- well dude u kno how gurls are sumtimes
boy- yeah........but not her.
friend- idk wht else 2 say, man.
boy- k well i gotta get 2 english, ill c ya after school.
friend- yeah i gotta get to science, ttyl.


girl- hello?
boy- hey
girl- oh, hi.
boy- y weren't u at school 2day?
girl- uh.......i had another doctor appointment.
boy- are u sick?
girl- ..................um i have 2 go, my mom's callin on my other line.
boy- ill wait.
girl- it may take a while, ill call u later.
boy-........alright, i love u hun.
very long pause <

girl- (with tear in her eye) look, i think we should break up.
boy- wht???
girl- its the best thing for us right now.
boy- y????
girl- i love u.
click <


boy- hey dude
friend- hey
boy- whts up
friend- nothin, hey have u talked 2 ur ex lately?
boy- no
friend- so u didnt hear?
boy- hear wht?
friend- um idk if i should be the one to tell u......
boy- dude, wtf tell me
friend- uh....call this number....433-555-3468
boy- ok............


voice- hello, suppam county hospital, this is nurse beckam.
boy- uh.......i must have the wrong number, im looking for my friend.
voice- what is her name, sir?
(boy gives info)
voice- yes, this is the right number, she is one of our patients here.
boy- rele? y? wht happened??? how is she???
voice- her room number is ..646, in building A, suite 3.
boy- WHT HAPPENED??!!!!
voice- plz come by sir and you can see her, goodbye.
boy- WAIT! NO!
*dial tone*


boy- omg are u ok??
girl- ..................
boy- sweetie!! talk to me!!
girl- i..........
boy- u wht?? U WHT???
girl- i have cancer and im on life support
boy- .....................>breaks into tears <......................
girl- they're taking me off 2night
boy- y??
girl- i wanted 2 tell u but i couldnt
boy- y didnt u tell me????
girl- i didnt want 2 hurt u.
boy- u could never hurt me
girl- i just wanted 2 c if u felt bout me as the same i felt bout u.
boy- ?
girl- i love u more than anything, i would give u the world in a heartbeat. i would die for you and take a bullet for you.
boy- ...........
girl- dont be sad, i love u n ill always be here w/u
boy- then y'd u break up w/me?
nurse- young man, visiting hours are over.


but wht the boy didn't kno is that the girl only asked him those questions so she could hear him say it one last time, and she only broke up w/him because she knew she only had 3 more weeks to live, and thought it would cause him less pain and give him time to get over her before she died.


The boy is found dead with a gun in his hand..with a note in the other...

I told her i would take a bullet for her....
just like she said she would die for me...  ;(

"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind."

Friday, July 6, 2012

Odisha Cuisine - Odia Recipe

Oriya cuisine refers to the cooking of the eastern Indian state of Orissa. Foods from this area are rich and varied, while relying heavily on local ingredients. The flavors are usually subtle and delicately spiced, quite unlike the fiery curries typically associated with Indian cuisine. Fish and other seafood such as crab and shrimp are very popular. Chicken and mutton are also consumed, but somewhat occasionally. Only 6% of the population of Orissa is vegetarian, and this is reflected in its cuisine. The oil base used is mostly mustard oil, but in festivals ghee is used. Panch phutana, a mix of cumin, mustard, fennel, fenugreek and kalonji (nigella) is widely used for tempering vegetables and dals, while garam masala (curry powder) and haladi (turmeric) are commonly used for non-vegetarian curries.  Pakhala, a dish made of rice, water, and yogurt, that is fermented overnight, is very popular in summer, particularly in the rural areas.  Oriyas are very fond of sweets and no Oriya repast is considered complete without some dessert at the end. Festivals and fasts witness a cuisine without onion and garlic whereas other days witness an aroma of garlic and onion paste in curries. One can find restaurants serving food without onion and garlic in major places like Puri and other coastal area, which is run by many Brahmin owners.

Pakhala (Water Rice) Odisha Summer Dish

Pakhala Variety Dishes:

  • Jeera Pakhala
  • Jeera Pakhala is made by adding fried cumin with curry leaves with Pakhala.
  • Dahi Pakhala
  • This is made by adding Curd with pakhala.
  • Garama Pakhala (Hot Pakhala)
  • This is generally made by adding water instantly after making rice or with warm rice.
  • Basi Pakhala (Basi in Oriya means Stale)
  • This is made by fermenting rice by adding water which is generally kept overnight and eaten in the next   day.

Pakhala Recipe:
1. Cook rice and allow it to cool (do not freeze).
2. Fry some cumin seed and grind it to fine powder.
3. Add curd and fried cumin seed powder, coriander leaves and salt to taste.
4. Serve it with fish fry and spinach.

Traditional way of preparing Pakhaḷa: Pakhala is slightly fermented rice. People cook rice and add water to it along with little bit of old pakhal (something like making curd using milk and old curd).  Pakhaḷa tastes best when served after 8 to 12 hrs after preparation. Generally boiled potato and other fried vegetables or fried fish is served with pakhaḷa. Modern day variation is to add curd instead of fermenting it.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Famous People of India

India has been made by the contributions of several people who have made their inputs in various ages. India has been enlightened by the presence of these people since its birth. all of them, contributing in various spheres of life have been of great importance to the Indian Society.

These Indian personalities have not just influenced the people of India, but have also left an indelible mark on the world book. Famous personalities of India like Mahatma Gandhi has given people the weapon of non violence, which even after decades of his death, has upheld its relevance. Rabindranth tagore, the great poet has contributed a lot to the Indian literature while artists like Satyajit Rai, Amitabh Bachchan, Pandit Ravi Shankar and Lata Mangeshkar have shaped up the entertainment and music world. Then, there are industrialists who just cannot be left out while talking about great Indian personalities. These include Ratan Tata, Dhirubhai Ambani and Azim Premji.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I am proud to be an Indian

I am proud to be an Indian because of Indian culture,traditions, Indian history which we cannot find in any other country.more over in INDIA there is equality, democracy, socialism etc.

INDIA has the largest constitution in the world which was written by Dr.B.R.AMBEDKAR. INDIA has many great people like MAHATMA GANDHI,CHACHA NEHRU, SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE, ALLURI SEETA RAMA RAJU, JHANSIRANI LAKSMI BAI etc.who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

Why We Are Proud To Be Indians, Yes Below Is The Explanation From My End ...

1. India is only country in the world having all multi things like multi religion, multi language e.t.c , wake up early 5:00 AM in the morning and go to upstairs, you hear all the religious songs at one time ... :)

2. India is the only country where every citizen has all the rights ... right to speak, right to media, right to vote, right to question e.t.c now the problem is with citizens who doesn't know how to raise voice.

3. Whole world has many leaders ... but India is the only country where the leaders with peace are winners (Gandhi, Anna) ... U name any country u will not have peace winners, only blood wins costing 1000000 lives.

4. Over 60% farmers with 11% growth u cant have any where in the world ... what does this mean it takes 10mins for the govt to own your land and develop... but Indian rules are set for the people.

5. India might be high in corruption but figured 220 at inflation ... how does this help ... it help u buying goods with reasonable rates.

6. Right to vote .. why I am taking as a new point cause it does matter a lot ... I can choose my leader of my wish ... we do mistake in choosing leader based on caste, love and relation but the fact is that u r given option which many countries doesn't have.

There are man which I can explain but wanted to say others things ...

What Indians Need To Learn:

1. Why are good technically, but does any one of know what GDP, Inflation, Growth, Democracy e.t.c means ... I would suggest every Indian to learn basics of economics before speaking on country.

2. We all should know what Rights we have and should educate how we can use it ... Problem is that i know we have all rights but i too don't how we can use them in real life.

3. Politics : This is important ... how can we change ... keep one hand on your heart and say top 10 best politicians in India .. do you know them ... we just vote with out knowing ... change the view vote by learning.

4. Environment : Have every thought of it .... think about it ... how we can change.

5. Corruption ... Personally i give least preference to this cause u change your thoughts corruption will reduce automatically .. Corruption is not problem of India it is problem of Indians (People).

6. 99% of people say I Love India with no reason or I hate India with nonsense reason ... First learn basic of Economics, History of world, Greatness of India. You say u hate India ... You are lucky enough to say I Hate ... if it happens in other country you are shoot ... Its True.

INDIA has many historical places like TAJ MAHAL, CHARMINAR, QUTUBMINAR, GOLKONDA FORT, MANY TEMPLES. INDIA has one Million Proud soldiers who are protecting India day and night.

I am very proud to say that I am proud 2b Indian. (Hats off)

A happy Raja to all

Raja is a unique and important festival of Odisha. It is celebrated for 3 days continuously, as Pahili raja, Raja Sankranti and Bhuin daana.

It is believed that Mother Earth gets Her menstrual cycle once in a year, during these three days and it has to be celebrated by ladies.

Girls wear new clothes. Swings(dolies) are put in all most all houses.

During these three days girls are not supposed to cook or cut any thing. Girls play cards and play on dolis. The male persons do most of the house works.

Special pithas are cooked on this occasion. The poda-peetha is the most special food that is baked for these three days.

Slowly people are loosing interest in such kind of festivals, which is our beloved and long cherished traditions. We should try to keep it alive and celebrate it with love and happiness.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Do You Miss Your Childhood?

I think it's time go back now to the past when we were child ..

So, share what you miss about your childhood I know you miss a lot of things but there is important things you miss and you wish if you can do it now or live it again
for me ..

I miss my friends and cartoons.
When I left school I lost touch with all of my friends. We never thought it did happen but it did.
I recently got back in touch with my best friend from school and we really hit it off. We get along just as good as we did back then, which is amazing as we have both changed a heck of a lot.

Playing outside with my childhood friend. We'd pretend we were living in a jungle so we'd take our shoes off and run around barefoot until we got blisters on our feet.

I also miss coming home straight from school to watch Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon.

As for cartoons, I really miss the old school stuff. I used to run home from school to watch cartoons and I'd often be late for school because of watching them in the morning.

The cartoons the kids have these days are nothing compared to what I had.

I Remember My Childhood Days

I remember my childhood
Whenever I am in the mood

I remember my childhood
With the bad and the good

I remember my childhood
With the variety of available junk food
Funny, the old want to be young
While kids endeavour to be old and strong
Girls wanted to grow up fast as women
Boys wanted to grow up fast as men
Before they could walk right or learn
Those were good times
With very little crime
We had fun with little a dime
How is that for a rhyme?
Mum would call us for biscuits and cakes
While we played games and learnt from mistakes
We all went anxiously to school
To see what best pranks any of us could pull

I remember my childhood
I was always polite and not rude

I remember my childhood
If I could then you should
We as kids all had dreams
Which we shared as a team
We all loved to rock but hated homework
I mean what was the point of so much paperwork
And what is really bizarre
Is that I was always after
The bedtime stories from Mama and Papa
I also enjoyed the view of the nightly stars from afar
Same way I loved presents at Diwali and Holi

Mama always used to say
A gift no matter how little will lift anyone’s spirit any day

I remember my childhood
Had no cares for fortune or fame
Simply for the pleasures of the day
One of which was a bath in the rain

I remember my childhood
And the adventures in the woods

I remember my childhood
With all the includes and excludes

I remember my childhood
And till today there are still things I've never understood..  :(

Saturday, June 2, 2012

What is .htaccess file and how it helps for me

Are looking for how to redirecting your old site to new website domain?
They you must use search engine friendly method like use .htaccess file. If you are in development field then you must know this file. But you are SEO person and don’t know about it they don’t worry about it here you will get all information about how to tackle redirecting website.

.htaccess file is very popular these days because every one using this file for redirect old website to new website or rewriting URLs. If your website is like sub-domain and you want to convert to sub directory they you must use .htaccess file and also vise versa. .htaccess redirect is better than the Meta refresh or redirect tag because browser reads first .htaccess file and no delay happen as compare to meta refresh.

How .htaccess work:

What is redirects URL?

For example you want to old URL www.xyz.com to www.abc.com, this is called redirects URL.

What is rewriting URL?

This problem special is coming to Joomla based website or like dynamic site. For example you URL is www.xyz.com/food=/es.gp?pageid=170 and now you want to static website URL like www.xyz.com/food/cafe-entry.php this type of change you need to take help of .htaccess file editing.

What type of error coming in website?

400 – Bad request Error

401 – Authorization Required Error

403 – Forbidden Error

500 – Internal Server Error

404 – File not found error

These types of errors are coming from links, bookmarks and search engines. And it’s very embarrassing of website to show these type errors. SO first you need to solve these errors for returning of you visitor.

How to write .htaccess redirect URL:

Go to website root folder, download the .htaccess file to your computer and edit it with a plain-text editor it is Notepad file. If you are using FTP Client software and you don’t see any .htaccess file on your server, double check your setting and make sure you have turn on invisible / system files.

To Redirect Entire Site:

Redirect 301 / http://www.new-site.com/

To Redirect Certain Page(s):

Redirect 301 /oldpage.html http://www.yoursite.com/newpage.html Redirect 301 /oldpage2.html http://www.yoursite.com/folder/

I hope this guideline help you to solve your website problems.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life Could Be Happier With These Eight Simple Tips

1.  Be Simple and Humble
It is simplicity that makes life happier and more interesting. The fact that this world is too complex does not mean that people have to go with the present life trends. Being simple does not mean depriving oneself from the important things around but it means that you have to try to make your life simple so that you can enjoy the simple things in life. You have to look around and appreciate the small things that could make life happy. Don’t fly too high because if you fall down it could hurt you real bad.

2.   Have Time To Smile And Laugh
The best antidote to a hectic and stressful life is a smile and a good laugh. Make sure that you have time to smile and better still laugh aloud with your family and friends. If you smile and laugh, people will join you but if you cry, you cry alone. Who wants to be alone?
3.  Learn To Appreciate The Simple Things In Life
Appreciation is one of the best factors that make life more interesting. If you are keen enough to see the simple things around you and appreciate them, you could make life happier for yourself. If you have been very busy working and you are too tired to appreciate things around you, now is the time to change and keep yourself aware of the simple things that could make your life happier. If you see children playing, perhaps you could stop awhile and watch them while they play. You can see how they enjoy life by just simply running around, shouting and laughing.
Ask yourself, when was the last time you laughed. Laughing is the best medicine in this chaotic world of ours. Laughing eases the heart from any burden and it lessens stress. Laughing makes you healthier.
4.  Don’t Look At Life Too Seriously
Perhaps everybody wants to have a comfortable life and enjoy what life could offer but don’t look at life too seriously. Learn to relax. Have you ever seen how the poor people enjoy life? They have no money to buy what they want in life yet they laugh like they have everything and they enjoy life like there is no tomorrow. I am not saying that people have to enjoy life and enjoy being poor. I am merely pointing how life must be enjoyed. If you just set a short time to pause and look at life’s perspective then you can realize that life could be fun without making it hard for yourself. Just be simple and enjoy what you can afford.
5.  Make Friends
They say that friends are wealth and that is true. Without friends, what would life be like? Just think about being alone. It is not what people want to be. But look at life with friends around, isn’t it more enjoyable having friends to cheer you up when you are down and help you when things go wrong?

6.  Accept The Realities In Life
Let’s face it, life always has its ups and downs and you have to accept this reality. You cannot be always successful in everything you do. There will always be some problems as you move on with life and you have to learn to accept these realities. Learn to accept them and learn to handle them.
7.  Give Away Something
Even if you don’t have much money, you can always give away something to people. It feels good to be the giver instead of the receiver. If you have some things you don’t like, why don’t you give them to an institution for others to use? You can also give food to a beggar on the streets. It is not bad to give away something from time to time. Share and you will feel better.

8.  Be Positive +
Positive people are often people who enjoy life. Always think of positive results instead of the negative. Positive thinkers are happier people because they always look at the brighter side of things rather than the bad side. If you want to really enjoy life, always think positive.
Enjoying life is as simple as 1 2 3, only if you are a person who wants to enjoy life. You are the only person who could make your life happier and enjoy life. If you just try to look at how simple life is, there could be no problems and you will surely enjoy what life could offer.